Max makes a shock return

Things were getting far too cosy and relaxed in the Branning household. Something was bound to shatter the blissful family union of Tanya, Jack and the kids, sooner or later. It seems the wait is over, as Max makes a shock return to the square this week and his timing couldn’t be worse.

In the middle of Abi’s birthday party, just after Jack and Tanya agree that they will be always be together, Max arrives in the doorway as if nothing ever happened. Not surprisingly, the shock of seeing the man she once almost brutally murdered is too much for Tanya. She immediately rushes out of the room. Abi is in shock too, but of a happier kind and gives her long-lost dad a big hug. What repercussions will Max’s return have on the family? Oblivious to what’s been happening, Max is confused when Tanya seems cold toward him. Why he would want to pick up the pieces with the woman who tried to murder him is bewildering.

Things get even more uncomfortable when Max wholeheartedly thanks his brother for taking care of Tanya and the kids in his absence. If only he knew just how well Jack had fulfilled his request.

Max soon starts to get the picture when Tanya reveals that she didn’t text him to come home. Immediately they both realise that Abi sent the message because she missed her dad. Struggling to hide his disappointment, Max realises there’s no point trying to win Tanya round as she’s clearly moved on. He tells her that he will be at Jack’s house for a while. How will he react when he finds out his brother has been sleeping with his wife?

(Source pink news)


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