New character called Callum Monks joins Eastenders

Walford's womenfolk will be all of a flutter when Vinnie's charming son Callum comes to stay.

Callum will arrive in Albert Square in August, when he comes to visit his dad, Vinnie. The charming 24-year-old is a bit of a 'Jack the lad', who's looking to make his fortune.

The role will be played by Elliott Jordan. Elliott said of joining the show: "I'm thrilled and really excited to be joining EastEnders . Callum is a great part to play and I can't wait for him to make his mark in Walford."

Executive Producer Diederick Santer added: "Callum - played by the very talented and striking Elliott Jordan - will bring a breath of fresh air to Walford. Bright, twinkly, and with the gift of the gab, he'll get the women of Walford all of a flutter."

Source Eastenders website


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