Spoilers for 18 June - 4 July

Wednesday 18 June 2007

Ian lays into Christian after Lucy stirs up trouble
Tanya concerned when she realises Abi pretending to be ill
May blow up the miller home after she fails to snatch Summer.

Thursday 19 June 2007

An explosion rips through Albert Square, in the final visit of the week to EastEnders.

Jack, meanwhile, starts to fill Max's place – but is there a space for him? And Zainab is distraught when old memories are aroused.

Keith rushes into the burning house in an attempt to rescue those inside

Bianca fears that her children have been hurt in the explosion

A body bag is carried out of No 27 Who's dead

Monday 23rd June 2007

Jean gets ready for her dinner date but has forgotten her medication, in tonight's first visit of the week to Albert Square. Denise and Masood, meanwhile, fight for a job

Tuesday 24th June 2007
Stacey and Bradley track down Jean during her disastrous date, in today's visit to Albert Square. Meanwhile, Denise has her first customer – but she doesn't want him.

Thursday 25 June 2007

Bradley and Stacey find themselves locked inside together – leading to some revelations – in this latest visit to Albert Square. Elsewhere, Tanya lets slip that Jack is her new man,

Friday 27th June 2007
Denise bonds with Lucas's son in the latest visit to Albert Square.

Monday 30th June 2007
Shirley looks forward to Peggy returning, as she knows it will mean a bonus, in today's visit to Walford. Meanwhile, Bianca and the kids appear to have a mysterious benefactor.

Tuesday 1st July 2007

Mickey makes a life-changing decision but it remains to be seen whether Keith will follow suit, in today's visit to Albert Square. Elsewhere, Shirley and Heather arrange a pub quiz in an attempt to recover Vinnie's financial losses.

Thursday 3rd July 2007

Vinnie and Shirley love living above the Vic but are surprised when Peggy walks in – she's back and she's not in a good mood, in the latest drama from Albert Square. Meanwhile, Sean is back too, but Stacey is worried about what he's done.

Friday 4th July 2007
Sean is on the warpath and Stacey comes up with a plan to keep him out of trouble, in the final visit of the week to Albert Square.Meanwhile, Tanya is starting to worry – her relationship with Jack is moving too fast.


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