EastEnders' actress "gutted" over axing & Joyner reveals 'EastEnders' disappointment

EastEnders star Emma Barton has admitted that she felt "gutted" to be axed from the show.

The actress, who joined the BBC One soap in 2005, was told in April that her character Honey Mitchell would be written out. She filmed her final scenes for the programme a few weeks ago.

Barton told The People: "I was gutted when they told me. I know that's the nature of the job and nothing is forever but I didn't want it to end so soon."

Emma also complained that her exit is being seen as a minor event in comparison to the death of the show's long-standing dog Wellard.

She admitted: "I can't believe I've been upstaged by a dog dying."

The soap star does not have any work booked until December, when she will play Snow White in a Christmas panto. She has confirmed that she is "up for anything", but hopes to reprise her career as a musical theatre performer.

Meanwhile, Perry Fenwick, who plays Honey's husband Billy, has voiced his disapproval of the decision to axe Barton.

"They said the character had come to a natural end but what does that mean? It's gutting for Billy and for me," he explained. "I'll really miss Emma. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy where I am but I do wonder what's next for my character."
EastEnders star Jo Joyner has admitted feeling "disappointed" with many of her character's plots.

The actress revealed that she did not enjoy playing Tanya Branning on the BBC One soap until the character started to take centre stage.

"I have to be honest, in the past I've been a little bit disappointed with the way things have gone for Tanya," Jo told the Daily Star Sunday. "I really didn't think she'd be so mumsy. And I don't feel like I've made much of an impact since I've been in the show.

"People always laugh when I say that. It's because I've been involved in some of the soap's biggest plots. I guess I'm just not used to being in a show as big as EastEnders. You just don't realise the impact it has."

Joyner, who has appeared in the soap since June 2006, claimed that Tanya's potential was wasted until she discovered her husband Max had cheated on her.

"When I first arrived in the Square they didn't really know what was going to happen to Tanya," she explained. "I spent a year just being Max's wife. But then things really took off when the affair was exposed. I loved the way Tanya took her revenge by burying him alive."

A Walford insider promised: "We've got huge plans for her character. And she's got the biggest storyline of the year to look forward to. Obviously we can't say too much but it's going to be explosive."

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