Jase is killed & Max & Jack gun battle drama

Bride-to-be Dawn Swann will be left a broken women on her wedding day later this year -
when her groom, Jase Dyer, meets his maker.
The tragedy unfolds as the loved up couple prepare to tie the knot after a turbulent courtship, with Jase becoming embroiled in the murky world of organized crime once again.
And as dawn is ready to walk down the aisle, her fiance is heading into sights of a killer.. insiders insisted that Jase was only ever intended to be temporary addition to the square.
"This is a tragedy Dawn will never recover from"
"Dawn will be heartbroken, and Jay will be full of confusion and anger"
"This is sort of trauma that will leave an indelible mark on both of them"
''This will be a fantastic way to depart. His exit will leave fans stunned-and for Dawn & Jay, the fallout will lead to even more dramatic material.

Source inside soap magazine

Max & Jack gun battle drama



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