Walford star reveals pregnancy plot fears

EastEnders star Rita Simons feared that pregnancy would change her character for the worse, she has revealed.

The actress told producers that she did not want Roxy Mitchell to become boring and "frumpy" after hearing about the pregnancy plot.

Simons, who has two-year-old twin daughters, said that viewers should not expect a transformation in her character once the baby arrives.

"When I found out Roxy was going to be pregnant I made sure they didn't turn her all frumpy," Rita told the Daily Star. "There's no way she would change her style just because she's expecting. And she won't be one of those pushchair mums.

"When I had my twins my life didn't change that much. I just took the girls with me everywhere I went. I want Roxy to be the same. I want her to embrace being a mum, not let it change her."

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