Eastenders teasers

' Ricky (Sid Owen) finally ends up in Bianca's bed in a fortnight's time, but not for the reason he'd like. With nowhere else to stay, he winds up in Bianca's bed with a pillow wall dividing the pair.
It won't be long before the proverbial hits the fan when Tony King (Chris Coghill) turns up on the Square.

Earlier this week, I caught a sneaky glimpse of a clip reel of this summer's EastEnders highlights. There's a lot to come from the Walford-based soap in the coming months, with the montage including Jase's (Stephen Lord) death, Wellard's emotional demise, Honey's (Emma Barton) exit, one Albert Square favourite seemingly embarking on another affair, a passionate clinch and more teasers as to the question we're all desperate to find the answer to: 'What's in Suzy pink bag?'.

Source Digital Spy (soap scoop)


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