Spoilers for 18 - 22 August 2008

Monday 18th August - Stacey sneaks out of the house early and Bradley wonders if he's upset her. Stacey goes for a drink with Roxy and is approached by a sexy stranger, Callum, who tries to buy her a drink, but she tells him to take a hike. Bradley tells Stacey they need to talk and he asks her what the problem is. Stacey drops a bombshell and confesses that she may be pregnant!
Lucy invites Olly to Christian's flat for a party. Olly tries it on with Lucy and hints that she will have to sleep with him if she wants to keep him interested. Christian is furious when he returns home to find a trashed flat and he chucks out the teenagers. A defiant Lucy tells Christian that she's going on the Pill!

Zainab gets a visit from environmental health to inspect the kitchen and she's devastated when she's told that they will have to close their food business until some alterations are carried out. Zainab accuses Ian of ratting on them, but Ian denies everything.

Also, Stacey gives a young girl Danielle a trial on the stall; Brenda has foundations laid at the allotment for a summerhouse for Charlie; Bianca thinks Ian poisoned Wellard.

Tuesday 19th August - Stacey and Bradley buy a pregnancy test. Stacey tells Bradley she wants them both to write down on a piece of paper what they want the test to say. The test is negative and Bradley is upset by Stacey's cool reaction. Bradley arranges to meet Stacey in the pub to talk. Is she about to dump him?

Christian tells Ian about Lucy going on the Pill. A furious Ian storms round to the flat to confront Lucy, and he chucks Olly out, flushes her contraceptive pills down the sink and confiscates her mobile!

Suzy is horrified when her 'treasure' has been covered by Charlie's summerhouse foundations! Suzy talks Phil into smashing through the concrete and he's stunned when she reveals that it's a gold bar.

Thursday 21st August - Ian has found out that Olly has been lying to Lucy and he invites Olly and his mother for dinner. Lucy is left speechless when 'bad boy' Olly turns up with his very posh mum Camilla! It could be 'Ciao!'

Stacey and Bradley are back together, but Stacey discovers that Bradley has told Max they are planning to start a family. Max apologises to Bradley and gives him a birthday gift - it's a cheque - for a huge sum.

Suzy tells Phil that she needs to turn the gold bar into cash and asks him to help out. Suzy offers herself in return for the favour, but Phil also wants 15 per cent of the money!

Also, Ian is furious when the Masoods set up a curry stall in the market.

Friday 22nd August - Stacey warns Bradley that if they keep Max's cheque they will be indebted to him. Max refuses to take the cheque back and when Bianca sees it she advises Bradley to keep it. Will he betray Stacey's trust?

Jase gets another job from Terry that is worth £20k. Jase is unsure but he can't resist the lure of so much cash. A desperate Billy approaches Jase for work - and Jase asks him to drive for him...

Phil is trying his best to flog the gold bar, but he's not having much luck and he wants to up his percentage to 20%. Suzy agrees, but where did Phil put the bar...?

Also, Pat lets Bianca's kids take Terrence; Lucy moves back home; Danielle moves in with the Slaters.

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