Thursday 21st August at 8:00pm (BBC1)

Ian has found out that Olly has been lying to Lucy and he invites Olly and his mother for dinner. Lucy is left speechless when 'bad boy' Olly turns up with his very posh mum Camilla! It could be 'Ciao!'

Stacey and Bradley are back together, but Stacey discovers that Bradley has told Max they are planning to start a family. Max apologises to Bradley and gives him a birthday gift - it's a cheque - for a huge sum.

Suzy tells Phil that she needs to turn the gold bar into cash and asks him to help out. Suzy offers herself in return for the favour, but Phil also wants 15 per cent of the money!

Also, Ian is furious when the Masoods set up a curry stall in the market.

Source Whats on tv


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