Tuesday 19th August at 7:30pm (BBC1)

Stacey and Bradley buy a pregnancy test. Stacey tells Bradley she wants them both to write down on a piece of paper what they want the test to say. The test is negative and Bradley is upset by Stacey's cool reaction. Bradley arranges to meet Stacey in the pub to talk. Is she about to dump him?

Christian tells Ian about Lucy going on the Pill. A furious Ian storms round to the flat to confront Lucy, and he chucks Olly out, flushes her contraceptive pills down the sink and confiscates her mobile!

Suzy is horrified when her 'treasure' has been covered by Charlie's summerhouse foundations! Suzy talks Phil into smashing through the concrete and he's stunned when she reveals that it's a gold bar.

Also, Tamwar is determined to save the Masood's business.

Source whats on tv website


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