Honey breaks Billy’s heart

“Everybody always said Billy was a waste of space, but Honey believed in him,” says Emma Barton, who plays her. “So when she finds out he was involved in the job that killed Jase, she is absolutely winded.”

At the start of the week, Billy is staying at The Vic having been kicked out by Honey. He decides to burn the cash he stole from Jase’s van. But when Honey sees him about to torch it, she suggests giving it to charity.

And when she realises how sorry Billy is, Honey agrees to take him back. But while Billy is out organising a party for Janet’s birthday, Honey finds an envelope stuffed with more of Jase’s money.

“Billy says it’s for Jay, but it’s the last straw for Honey,” adds Emma, who leaves the soap this week after nearly three years. “To her, it’s blood money.

“Honey is such a good and honest person. She realises that if she stays with Billy, she’ll always be looking over her shoulder, so she decides to leave Walford with the children.”

Source The Sun


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