Jack & Tanya get arrested

Here are the first pictures of EastEnders' Jack Branning and Tanya Branning being taken away by the police for the attempted murder of Max.

After a scuffle between the brothers in Max's house, Max fires the gun in an attempt to frame Jack and subject him to a cop's worst nightmare - prison. Just as Jack and Tanya are walking through the door bound for France, the police storm the house (complete with some rather unnecessary helicopter noises overhead) and take them away. Max, meanwhile, can't help but gloat.

After seeing next week's episodes, I have to say that they really shouldn't be missed. The hour-long episode is gripping viewing from start to finish, with Jake Wood and Scott Maslen stealing the show during their 'showdown' scenes in an abandoned warehouse.

Just something to note, though. If you find yourself looking around the room for an annoying insect during the Halloween special, rest assured - it's the crazy flickering lighting in the disused warehouse.

Source Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


Anonymous said…
why did he fucking get arrested thats out of order I LOVE YOU ALL
Anonymous said…
max is out of order jack and tanya did nothing wrong
Anonymous said…
that fucking idiot max
Anonymous said…
i think max is not an idiot he is just desparate.He has a right to see his kids
Anonymous said…
he should fucking get arrested and fucking bitch tanya should as well fuck my ass hole jack

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