Janines big fat webbing lie

EASTENDERS gold-digger Janine will make her big return to Albert Square — when Pat turns up to wreck her Jewish wedding.

The scheming killer (Charlie Brooks) has hoodwinked her ageing wealthy groom, telling him her family died in a car crash.

But stepmum Pat, brother Ricky and cousin Billy have got wind of her money-grabbing plan and burst in on the synagogue ceremony to tell a stunned congregation the truth.
But ex-jailbird Janine claims Pat is a mad woman who has mistaken her for someone else.
In emotional scenes, Janine tries to worm her way out of the accusations, insisting Pat, Billy and Ricky are from a “secure unit”.

Thinking on her feet, she claims Pat lost a child and thinks Janine is her dead daughter. But Pat barks at Ricky to back her up, before telling the groom’s family: “She’s about as Jewish as a bacon sandwich. The game’s up Janine.”

Realising she’s been busted, Janine lunges for Pat and tries to slap her as the rabbi calls the wedding to an immediate halt.

An insider told TV Biz: “It’s a fabulous return for Charlie’s character.
“After Pat wrecks her big day, there’s no knowing what Janine will do.”

Source The sun


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