Ronnie confides in Jack

Lonely and desperate Ronnie confides in Jack about the baby girl she was forced to give up, unaware that her daughter – Danielle – is also in Walford!

But Ronnie’s tears turn to passion when Jack comforts her, and the pair end up sharing a snog!
“It’s the first time Ronnie has let her guard down with Jack,” says Samantha Janus, who plays her. “She can’t stop crying and sees him standing near her. They are caught in the moment – and get carried away!”

The kiss happens after Ronnie decides to visit Joel, the father of her child. But she can’t go through with it.

Archie had lied to Ronnie that her daughter died as a toddler, but her child is alive and it’s Danielle – who Ronnie has just sacked from the club!

Later in the week, Ronnie hits the bottle, lost in grief over her child. But when Jack turns up at the club, she opens up to him about the baby, and he’s more than willing to mop up her tears!

They kiss, and Jack admits he wonders what might have been if they had stayed together, but he’s with Tanya.

“Ronnie doesn’t want to stand on Tanya’s toes,” adds Samantha. “But she realises that she loves Jack.”

Later, Ronnie confides in Roxy about the secret kiss.

“It takes the wind out of Roxy’s sails because of the night she slept with Jack,” says Samantha. “She knows the one thing Ronnie won’t tolerate is betrayal!”

Source The Sun


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