Ronnie's on the warpath..

Ronnie's on the warpath after she discovers that Danielle's been stealing her letters for Archie. She sacks her on the spot, but relents and offers her severance pay the following day. Stacey, however, is fuming at Ronnie's treatment of her new friend and pledges that 'someone's gotta knock that frosty cow off of her perch'.

And that she does. Later in R&R, Ronnie is mid-speech apologising to her guests at the Retro night for the technical difficulties when Stacey throws a bucket of water over her. As Stacey legs it out of the door, Danielle is blamed for the incident when Ronnie sees Archie whisper something in her ear. That's Danielle's queue to run out crying...

Source Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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