Roxy: I cried on baby ward visit

RITA Simons wept on a baby ward as she prepared to film EastEnders scenes where her tot fights for life.

Her character Roxy Slater’s baby will face a battle when it is born premature in November.
Rita, 31, has twin girls aged two-and-a-half — and medics had warned her they could be premature.

They were born healthy, but being on the ward brought back memories.

Rita said: “It was pretty difficult. It’s always hard to see little premature babies and it was heartbreaking.

“I have got twins myself and because twins are always expected early I had exactly the same tour around hospital wards. It was really hard for me.”

And Rita admitted the emotional scenes are taking their toll on her. She said: “We’re just starting to film the Christmas build-up now and it’s really emotional.”
But having her toddlers at home means Rita can forget about life in the Queen Vic when she finishes work.

She said: “It’s difficult to balance the show with my family, but the pay-off is that when I do finally get home I’ve got two gorgeous kids waiting for me.”

Rob Kazinsky — who plays Roxy’s husband Sean Slater — is set to leave the BBC1 soap later this year.

Rita said: “I really will miss Rob. He’s been a really, really good friend.”

Source The Sun


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