War of the witches

THE Queen Vic turns into a Halloween house of horrors as the witches of Albert Square clash.

Bianca Jackson launches a blistering attack on Ronnie Mitchell, who she suspects is having an affair with her husband-to-be Tony King.Bianca (Patsy Palmer, 35) is fed a line by her paedophile lover as he tries to cover his romance with her stepdaughter Whitney (Shona McGarty, 16).

He is forced to lie when Bianca catches him with lipstick all over his face.

To hide the fact he has been getting steamy with the schoolgirl, Tony (Chris Coghill, 33) tells Bianca that Ronnie came on to him when she was drunk.
His lie sparks the mouthy mum to explode in rage and attack Ronnie (Samantha Janus, 35), who has no idea what she is supposed to have done.

But Ronnie quickly gets the upper hand and humiliates Bianca when she dunks her head in a bucket of water.

A show insider said: “Bianca is no match for Ronnie, who is not going to let anyone try and take her on.

“She quickly teaches Bianca a lesson that the Mitchells always win.“Bianca is embarrassed and she is still left wondering if Ronnie didn’t kiss Tony, who did?”

Source Daily Star


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