The baby blues for Shirley

Poor Shirley Carter decides to leave Walford after love rival Suzy Branning reveals she’s pregnant.

The devastated barmaid says farewell to best friend Heather Trott before Phil Mitchell emerges from the Queen Vic. Fans will this week see the couple enjoy a passionate night – leaving Shirley convinced she’s finally got her man.

But when Phil’s girlfriend drops her baby bombshell their romance is over before it’s even had the chance to start. So when on-off lover Vinnie Monks invites her to join him on his rally driving tour she decides to go with him.

An insider said: “Phil never thought he’d be a dad again so it’s a dream come true when Suzy makes her announcement. “But fans will realise she’ll do anything she can to hold on to him.

“Shirley is devastated and the thought of sticking around watching Phil and Suzy playing happy families just fills her with dread. “Vinnie offers her a way out so she accepts. But just as she’s about to leave Phil turns up to talk to her.

“It’s going to be an emotional farewell and everyone will be wanting Phil to do something to make her stay. “But you’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”You’ll have to tune in a week tomorrow to see whether Phil can persuade Shirley to stay.

Source Daily Star


Anonymous said…
suzy must REALLY stink cos she has worn the same zip-up shirt dress for over three months...

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