Christian offers to help Roxy bring up her baby..

It's testing times for Roxy over the next number of weeks as she prematurely gives birth to her daughter, Amy. Christian has no luck in getting Sean to the hospital to visit Roxy and the baby.

In the hope of alleviating Roxy's fears of becoming a single mum, Christian suggests that he step up to the role as father.

Roxy's stunned by his offer but gladly accepts. She soon announces to her family that Christian will be bringing up the baby with her, instead of Sean.

Speaking with Jane, Christian explains that everyone's life seems to have moved on apart from his, so he's determined to bring up Roxy's baby as his own. When his phone rings, he sees it's a guy called Sebastian who he's just met.

Reluctantly, he tells Sebastian that he can't meet up with him as he's building a cot. After hanging up, he throws his SIM card away - essentially, his little black book. Later in the week, Christian excitedly shows Roxy the cot he's built for Amy.

His excitement soon turns up upset, though, when Roxy reveals that she's back with Sean but she'll never forget what he was prepared to sacrifice for her.

Christian is clearly heartbroken and despite his mother Linda's presence, he won't let her comfort him. Will Roxy will be regretting her decision by the time 2009 rolls around?

Source - Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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