Denise goes on a date with Lucas

Denise tells her girls Chelsea and Libby that she's going on a date with Lucas. While Denise is preening herself, she admits that she's nervous about seeing Lucas again, especially as her recent dates haven't exactly gone to plan.

Lucas turns up at the Truemans' and is greeted by Denise, who's dressed up-to-the-nines. He can muster no other words aside from 'wow'.

After a successful romantic evening together, Denise invites Lucas back to the house for a coffee but Denise is left wondering why he's a little coy about the proposition. She's not prepared for Lucas's revelation that he doesn't want to have sex with her.

In fact, he doesn't plan to have sex until he's married...
Another Walford wedding on the cards, maybe?

Source - Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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