EastEnders stabbing escapes censure

A controversial EastEnders episode that featured a violent stabbing was acceptable for a pre-watershed audience, Ofcom has ruled.

The regulator has rejected 45 complaints that an episode of the BBC1 soap broadcast on 28 August was too violent.

The episode featured the death of ex-football hooligan Jase Dyer, who was stabbed in the chest by his former gang leader Terry Bates.

The BBC itself received 134 complaints from viewers but defended the scenes on the grounds that the violence was "implied rather than explicit".

Ofcom is currently investigating 41 complaints about a later edition of the soap, in which ex-convict Tony King was seen passionately kissing his 15 year-old step-daughter Whitney Dean.

The BBC has also received 163 complaints against the episode, which was part of an ongoing plotline developed in association with the NSPCC.

Source - Broadcastnow


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