'Eastenders wins 'Emmerdale' head-to-head

EastEnders has triumphed in the latest head-to-head battle with Emmerdale.

Hour-long editions of the Yorkshire-based soap have tended to outrate EastEnders this year but in recent weeks the roles have reversed.

Last night EastEnders notched up 6.93m (31.1%) for BBC One from 7.30pm, while Emmerdale managed 6.22m (28.7%) for the 7pm hour.

In the 30 minutes that both shows were on air, Emmerdale was down to 5.6m (25.2%).

A further 1.11m (6.3%) watched EastEnders at 10pm on BBC Three.

Hollyoaks drew 2m (9.7%) to Channel 4 at 6.30pm (+1: 60k, 0.3%) and 737k (4%) to E4 at 7pm (+1: 109k, 0.6%). On Five, Neighbours put in 1.62m (10.3%) and Home & Away had 1.03m (5.4%).

Source Digital Spy


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