Miserable mum Roxy

Roxy Slater is set to drown her sorrows as her baby fights for her life.
The worried mother - played by Rita Simons - is terrified when premature Amy takes a turn for the worse, the Daily Star reveals.
Doctors tell Roxy one of her daughter's lungs has collapsed and, blaming her own drink and drugs past for Amy's illness, Roxy hits the bottle to numb the pain.

But even after her baby survives life-saving surgery, Roxy's troubles are far from over when Jack Branning - played by Scott Maslen - suddenly demands a paternity test.

Jack's demands could turn everyone against Roxy.

A soap insider said: "Roxy has been trying to ignore the fact the baby could be Jack's because of the repercussions.

"Sean will know she has cheated on him, and Ronnie will know she went behind her back with her own sister's ex. It's all incredibly messy."

Rob Kazinsky, 25, who plays Roxy's husband Sean Slater, is leaving the show at Christmas, and soap bosses are promising he will go out with a bang.

It has been reported Sean ends up drowning in a frozen lake when he discovers Roxy's affair with Jack.

Source - MSN


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