New Hunk?

EastEnders is losing eye candy when Sean Slater, aka Robert Kazinsky makes his exit in December.

But Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) won't be crying into her soup.

She and Rob let slip to us that there's a new hunk heading to Albert Square.

Having a natter to them at the National TV Awards, when asked about Sean leaving, Rita mused on her character: "Let's be honest, I'll have quiet for five minutes and then they'll bring in some young, fit guy."

Sounds juicy, but who is it?

Before we could pry the answer out of her immediately, Rob was keen to tell us what he'll be doing when he leaves the show.

He quipped: "I'm going to gain a few pounds, get fat, play PlayStation a lot, and possibly see some friends. Lastly unemployment beckons, so I'll possibly take out a loan to tide me over.

"And possibly a lot of..." we couldn't possibly print what Mr Kazinsky really said 'cos it made us blush, but we'll definitely miss his cheeky sense of humour.

Now about that new hunk on the show.

Rob told us: "There is a character whose son is coming in. I can't remember whose character it is but I've seen the pictures and he's really good-looking."

Rita joined in the chatter saying: "I know who it is."

But will Roxy get her claws into him? Seems not as Rita revealed: "He's not for me."

Rob went on to say: "He's not for you? Maybe he'll be for Lacey?"

We're stumped as to who the new hottie could be - maybe another Mitchell relation? Or does
Tony King have a secret son who'll be jumping out of the shadows?

Either way, thanks for the hottie alert, Rob.

Source - Sky Tv


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