Rob's Dole Fear

EASTENDERS heart-throb Rob Kazinsky fears he will be stuck on the dole.

The actor is filming his final scenes as Sean Slater and will bow out at Christmas.And the cheeky lad, 24, who has become a huge favourite with fans, says he is not assuming he will get more work just because he has starred on the nation’s top soap.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the hunk let fans in on his plans for the future.
With a smirk on his face, Rob joked: “I would ride my motorbike but I can’t because I crashed it the other day!“So I am going to get fat, play on my PlayStation a lot, possibly see some friends – and then unemployment beckons.

”Rob, who as Sean had a fling with Tanya Branning in the soap, is keeping tight-lipped about how Sean leaves.

But rumours are rife it involves an explosive car chase that sees Sean and his baby daughter plunge into an icy lake.

And while he may play the hard man on set, Rob admits he is a softie and that he shed a tear after filming his final scenes with screen sister Lacey Turner, 20, who plays Stacey.

He said: “She will be one of the people I miss the most when I go.”
Source - Daily Star


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