Sean sets his sites to high

CAN he fix it? No he can’t… Sean Slater tries his hand at building but soon realises he’s not cut out for it and quits after only a day.

That lands him in trouble with dad-in-law Archie, who is convinced he’s not good enough for Roxy.

And Sean lives up to Archie’s fears when he then burgles Phil Mitchell’s house. He steals all the Queen Vic boss’s prized possessions and hides them down at the local allotments.

But as soon as Roxy hears of the raid she knows Sean is involved. Instead of dropping him in it, she helps him to smuggle the stolen items back into the house.

Rob Kazinsky, 24, who plays Sean, admitted: “I don’t think he even realises the trouble he could get into if Phil could prove it’s him.“He’s not thinking straight. It’s a sign of things to come.”

Source Daily Star


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