Spoilers for 22 December - 2 January 2008

Monday 22 December - Shirley sees some interesting CCTV footage of Suzy in tonight's visit to Walford. Meanwhile, Janine has a shock when she finds out that her husband has not left her any money in his will. She now has to decide whether to leave Walford for good.

Elsewhere, the residents gather for a karaoke night at the Vic – will Shirley reveal Suzy's secret in front of the whole Square?

Tuesday 23 December - Much to the disgust of his family, Ian decides to ban Christmas in the Beale household, due to the credit crunch, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Elsewhere, Janine tries to find a job on the Square but no one is willing to give her a chance. Roxy and Sean, meanwhile, find a new flat, but it's in Dagenham and would mean that Roxy would have to leave her family behind.

Wednesday 24 December - Jane throws Ian out of the house on Christmas Eve. Elsewhere, Sean and Roxy announce their plans to leave Walford and settle in Dagenham, but Archie is determined to ruin their relationship.

Thursday 25 December - Archie starts to worry when he realises that Suzy is a loose cannon, in the latest visit to Walford. Dot receives a Christmas surprise when Jim arrives home, while Roxy's world is shattered when she realises Suzy knows her secret. Is the Mitchell clan about to be ripped apart?

A bombshell concerning Sean is dropped on the residents of Albert Square. Dot, meanwhile, receives an unexpected visitor.

Friday 26 December - Sean takes things to another level when he discovers some devastating news, as the trials and tribulations of life in Albert Square continue. Ronnie's relationship with Roxy, meanwhile, hits breaking point and Shirley finally gets one up on Suzy.

Monday 29 December - Nick Cotton is back, but Dot doesn't know whether she can find it in herself to forgive and forget the terrible wrongs of the past, as the drama in Albert Square continues. Elsewhere, Sean vanishes with baby Amy and Roxy is distraught.

Meanwhile, at Pat's house, Bianca is getting sick of the new, saintly Janine, and Whitney is longing for solace.

Tuesday 30 December - Sean is holed up in a squat with Amy as he prepares to make his next move, as the drama continues. In the run up to her hearing, Tanya is tempted to take up Max's offer to save herself from a prison sentence. Meanwhile, is Nick really a reformed character?

Thursday 1 January - Roxy is ecstatic to finally be reunited with daughter Amy and have her family by her side, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Elsewhere, at R&R's, Jack has a surprise visitor who asks an unexpected favour of him.

Tanya has a tough decision to make at her hearing in tonight's visit to Walford. Should she plead guilty or not guilty? Janine is tempted to give Whitney her real mum's address, but what would that mean for Whitney?

Meanwhile, Stacey ponders the risks of telling Jean the truth about Sean.

Friday 2 January - Whitney wonders whether her real mum will live up to her expectations, in tonight's visit to Albert Square. Jean doesn't know whether to forgive Stacey for holding back the news that Sean has gone.

Meanwhile, Max makes a shocking discovery about the night of his accident.

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