Tony Rumbled?

It looks like Ricky could be onto sick paedophile Tony when he catches him laying into Whitney!

Ricky hits the roof when he witnesses a violent row between the secret lovers – but will he guess the shocking truth?

“When Ricky sees Whitney in tears and Tony in a rage, he demands to know what’s going on,” says Sid Owen, who plays Ricky. “Tony might have finally been busted.”

It all starts when Tony ramps up his campaign to get closer to Lauren.

Preying on her at a time when her mum Tanya is in jail and she’s forced to live with her dad Max, who she hates, he invites her to a gig.
But when he learns Max has grounded Lauren, he’s left seething. And later, when Whitney dolls herself up for a night in with him, Tony goes ballistic.

He orders her to remove her make-up and violently forces her to scrub her face clean. At that point, Ricky walks in!

“Ricky is concerned by what he sees, but both Tony and Whitney make up a cock-and-bull story about Whitney being caught sneaking out to a gig to cover his behaviour,” explains Sid.

“But Tony’s going to have to watch his step from now on, because Ricky’s got his eye on him.”
Source The Sun


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