Wad a lot of loot for Gran Dot

Devoted Dot Branning can’t believe her eyes when grandson Bradley shows her what’s in his briefcase.

It turns out to be packed with thousands of pounds in used bank notes.And even more shocking for Dot is the news that the money is all hers – if she wants it.

Troubled Bradley comes to the conclusion that ever since he accepted the £40,000 from dad Max for his 21st birthday his life has been cursed. He explains to Dot that he tried to gamble the money away but ended up winning even more. So now he wants her to have the money.

An EastEnders insider said: “Bradley confesses to Dot that he hasn’t been sleeping and it’s because of the money Max gave him for his 21st. He tells Dot he wants her to do whatever she wants with it as it’s making him ill.

“But Dot doesn’t want his money. She tells him it’s for his future and one day he may need it. “She does her best to convince him to keep the money – but Bradley is determined. “It’s brought him nothing but grief and he wants to be rid of it.

“He knows if he hadn’t accepted the cash he’d probably still be with his wife Stacey.”Fans of the hit BBC1 soap will be able to see whether or not Dot accepts troubled Bradley’s offer a week tomorrow.

Source - Daily Star


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