Altman: 'Going back was like a dream'

EastEnders actor John Altman has said that his return to the BBC soap was like a dream.

The 56-year-old, who has played Dot Cotton's wayward son Nick on and off since 1985, argeed to make a comeback to the BBC soap after a seven-year break.

Speaking about his return to Elstree studio, home of EastEnders, Altman told DS: "Going back for me was a bit like a dream at first. You know when you have those dreams about things you did a few years back and you end up almost reliving the past?"

He continued: "But then I realised how much I'd changed - I'd matured quite a bit, too. It didn't take long to slot back in, either. Getting Nick's 'voice' back, getting his gear back on and going back into Dot's front room. It took me about a morning and I was comfortable with it all again."

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Source - Digital Spy


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