Barbara Windsor: I want Grant back

Barbara Windsor has revealed that she asked Ross Kemp, who played her son Grant, to return to EastEnders.
Barbara, who plays matriarch Peggy Mitchell in the show, said she misses Ross and would like to work with him again.

Speaking at a press screening for the EastEnders Christmas special, the actress said: "I was talking to him the other day and I was speaking to him about EastEnders. I would love him to come back and play Grant again but he's so busy with other projects, in Afghanistan and everything."

The former Carry On star praised the return of John Altman, who returns to the square on Christmas day as Nick Cotton.

"He is a fantastic actor and such a sweet man," she said.

Robert Kazinsky, who plays Sean Slater in the soap, spoke about his decision to leave the soap, and revealed that his departure has improved his health.

Robert said: "I am looking at producing, writing and directing. I think I would like to go behind the camera for a bit. It is always hard when you leave such a high profile show.

"The best bit about leaving is that I have given up smoking. It's only been three weeks but I'm doing well. I could never give up at work because Rita (Simons, who plays Roxy) smokes like a chimney and was always dragging me outside for a fag."

Source - MSN


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