Can Shirley leave Albert Square?

Shirley and Vinnie are due to leave for their great adventure in EastEnders but will Shirley have the guts to go?

In scenes to be shown tonight (December 1), Shirley and Vinnie say their goodbyes to friends in Albert Square as they relish the trip ahead.
"Can't you see us Shirl, the open road, music blasting, like one of those adverts?" Vinnie says.

But a couple of things stop Shirley, played by Linda Henry, in her tracks and make her doubt her decision to leave the Square.
First of all, her love interest Phil turns up to say goodbye.
Sadly the letter he gives her is a farewell card from Ben rather than a declaration of love from the tough man - but is it enough to give Shirley second thoughts?

Saying goodbye to jolly friend Heather is also bound to be heartwrenching for Shirley, who has previously found it hard to settle and fit in to one place.

Whether she manages to leave the Square or not will be revealed in tonight's episode at 8pm on BBC One.

Source - MSN


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