2009 teasers!

Jean's despair
It’s a bad start to the year for poor old Jean, who’s plunged into the depths of depression following the disappearance of Sean. And things come to a head when she almost sets fire to the house! With her mother becoming increasingly difficult to look after, Stacey faces the heartbreaking prospect of putting Jean into full time care...

Danielle's dilemma
Someone else facing a grim 2009 is teenager Danielle, who finds herself homeless after a fall out with Stacey. A shock discovery throws her further into turmoil, leaving her feeling scared and alone. When Ronnie finds the youngster squatting at Callum’s flat, it’s clear she’s in need of a friend – will Danielle finally drop the bombshell that she’s Ronnie’s secret daughter?

Wedding bells?
Love is in the sir for former sweethearts Lucas and Denise, who’ve found love together a second time around. With the pastor’s staunch religious beliefs preventing him from entering into a sexual relationship out of wedlock, the pair plough ahead with plans for a Valentine’s wedding. But a bombshell from Lucas’ son, Jordan, is about to shatter their happiness...

Janine's so mean!
Janine attempts to make a fresh start in 2009 – but that’s not easy when most of her neighbours hate her! Having been thrown out by Pat, the queen of mean sweet talks Billy into moving in with her. But he could live to regret it when she steals Peggy’s credit card, and frames orphan Jay for the crime...

Scandal in the Square!
The Walford gossips go into overdrive when a massage parlour opens up in the Square. Stalwart Peggy is not impressed by the new ‘business’, and sets about organising a protest to try and shut it down. Meanwhile, God-fearing Dot is left in shock when her granddaughter Dotty lets slip that her dad, Nick, often goes for a ‘massage’ at similar establishments!

Tanya’s trials
It’s not the best start to the New Year for Tanya, as she wakes up behind bars! But when Lauren confesses that she was the one behind Max’s hit and run, the wheels are set in motion for Tanya to be released from jail. With her family in disarray, what chaos will the mum of three return home to?

Source - Vrigin Media


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