Lauren Tells All To The Police

Troubled teen Lauren Branning begs to be taken into care by social services after confessing she tried to kill her dad. The young lass decides she cannot see her mum go to jail for a crime she did not commit.

But Tanya who is awaiting trial for the hit-and-run that nearly killed Max, pleads with her estranged husband to stop their daughter telling the truth.

Max fails to get to her in time and she tells the police everything.Eventually Lauren decides she is better off away from the family so she rings social services.

Jake Wood explained: “This is the last thing Max wants, of course, but in the end she’s driven off by a social worker while her dad is chasing the car and banging on the window. It’s a horrible scene.''

Tanya is going to blame him for losing their little girl, Max is a desperate man.

“What I love about this plot is that it’s really showing the long-term consequences of Max’s affair with Stacey.”

A show insider said: “There are many more shocks to come.”

Source - Daily Star


lexi said…
hi eastenders you well done

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