Pictures - Lake disaster for Roxy and Sean in 'Enders

This is the dramatic moment that EastEnders' Sean Slater and his wife Roxy plunge through a sheet of ice into the freezing lake waters below. Lulling Roxy into a false sense of security, Sean lies that he's taking her and baby Amy away to start a new life as far from Walford as possible.

Sean's intentions, however, aren't quite what they seem when he pulls the car up beside an icy lake. Panicking for her daughter's safety, Roxy succeeds in luring Sean away from her but both Roxy and Sean find themselves standing in the middle of a frozen lake. Disaster soon strikes, though, and the pair plummet into the murky depths.

Who'll make it out alive?

Or will the pair perish before anyone saves them?

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Source - Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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