Ricky's Revenge

Ricky Butcher turns superhero when he gives paedophile Tony King a beating.

Tony is released on bail after he is arrested over his affair with schoolgirl Whitney Dean.

And when he returns to the Square to try to convince her to withdraw her evidence against him he runs into a furious Ricky Butcher.

Ricky has feelings for Whitney’s stepmum Bianca Jackson.

And after Tony’s affair was rumbled, he has become her shoulder to cry on. He loses his temper when he catches Tony in the area and gives him a kicking.

EastEnders boss Diederick Santer told the Daily Star: “I think everyone wants to see justice done. “Ricky is furious with himself for not having a go at Tony when he suspected he was roughing up Whitney. “So he beats him up.”

The explosive storyline has caused controversy, with some viewers claiming it is too strong to be shown before the watershed.

But Patsy Palmer who plays Bianca, believes it is an important plot.

She said: “Sadly, Bianca’s situation is not uncommon. Many families have been in this position.“But if by doing this storyline the show gives one person the courage to speak up it’ll have done its job.”

Source - Daily Star


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