Roxy has Christmas dinner worry

EastEnders' Roxy Slater is to have her Christmas ruined by Suzy Branning before it has even begun.

Rita Simons has revealed that Suzy - played by Maggie O'Neill - tells Roxy she has seen the paternity test results for her baby Amy while they are peeling spuds for Christmas Dinner.

Rita said: "Amy is definitely not Sean's.

"Roxy doesn't think that anyone else has seen the paternity test results, so up until Christmas Day everything is hunky dory.

"We're cooking a big old Christmas dinner for the whole Slater/Mitchell clan, everything's rosy. Then Suzy completely shatters my world while I'm peeling potatoes!

"I then spend the rest of dinner staring at a wall, wondering if she's going to say anything."

Rob Kazinsky, who plays Roxy's husband Sean, also revealed that Suzy is working for Roxy's evil dad Archie, played by Larry Lamb, who wants to break up the happy family.
Rob said: "Archie is the one who found the test, so he knows and he's paying Suzy to give me the results and screw me over.
"But then he sees how happy we are and how great everything is and in true EastEnders style makes it worse."

Source - MSN


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