Sean's tot kidnap revenge

Crazed EastEnder Sean Slater vows to punish wife Roxy — by kidnapping the tot he was conned into believing was his daughter.

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The layabout is furious to learn Amy’s real father is Jack Branning.

The bombshell explodes during Christmas dinner at the Queen Vic. Sean snaps after the news of the paternity test is revealed in a home-made CRACKER — and confronts Roxy.

He plans to get back at her and the tot’s twisted grandfather Archie Mitchell by snatching Amy and fleeing to a deserted flat.

Devastated Roxy blames herself and tries to get her baby back before Sean does something terrible.

But it is Sean’s sister Stacey who steps into the breach.

An EastEnders insider said: “Stacey is the only one who’s ever been able to handle Sean.
"He’s a loose cannon and he’s utterly humiliated.

“While everyone else panics, Stacey works out what’s happened and it’s not long before she’s on his tail.”

But Sean is still at large and over New Year he hatches his most twisted plan yet . . .

Source - The Sun


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