Suzy's Heart Threat

EastEnders' Suzy gets a shock when a pig's heart is delivered to her door step.
The schemer - played by Maggie O'Neill - is sent the gruesome threat from her evil ex-boyfriend Ahmet who is chasing her for money in Monday night's episode of the BBC soap.

Suzy gets a text saying "outside" and she goes out to find a pet carrier. She reaches inside hoping it's her kidnapped dog but she pulls out a pig's heart.

Suzy tells Phil about Ahmet's demands for money and tells him how scared she is, especially with the baby coming.

Ahmet arrives at Suzy's and Phil gives him some money and warns him to leave Suzy alone.
Later as Suzy walks alone across Albert Square Ahmet steps out of the shadows and tells her that he knows she isn't pregnant.

It's the same trick she used on him - say you're pregnant, get all their secrets and then tell them you've miscarried and run off with their possessions.

He tells her that he knows she doesn't have the money to pay him back so he wants her to rip off Phil and give it all to him. Suzy's furious but Ahmet blackmails her and gives her until Christmas to get him what he wants.

Source - MSN


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