Chelsea's Appeal To Dad Lucas

Sexy Chelsea Fox desperately tries to get her dad to stay in Albert Square after her mum Denise turns down his marriage ­proposal.

Devastated Lucas Johnson decides to quit Walford for good to start a new life in Leeds with son Jordan. Poor Chelsea is heartbroken and when he calls round to say a last goodbye she breaks down and pleads with him to stay.

But Lucas is adamant that he’s leaving. He even refuses Chelsea’s plea to stay until Denise returns home.

She’s desperate not to lose her dad again and will do everything in her power to get her mum to see sense and marry him.

An EastEnders insider said: “Lucas asks Denise to marry him but she’s still cut up about late husband Kevin Wicks so she turns him down. “As you can imagine Lucas is pretty ­gutted.“He loves Denise and really wanted their relationship to work – as did their daughter Chelsea.

She’s all for them ­getting married and she’s heartbroken when Denise turns him down. “So when Lucas tells her he’s going she completely freaks. “She’s just got her dad back and the thought of losing him again is too much for her to accept. “Lucas leaves and by the time Denise returns home Chelsea is in a right state.

She blames her mum for losing her dad all over again. “Denise is the only one who can ­persuade Lucas to stay but viewers will have to wait and see whether she has a change of heart by reconsidering his ­proposal.”

You can catch the dramatic scenes in the hit BBC1 soap a week on Tuesday (January 13).

Source - Daily Star


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