Danielle's heartbreak over mum Ronnie

Lauren Crace tells of the moment Danielle's love for her mum dies...

Finding out she's pregnant has devastated Danielle. It's not even as if she's in love with the father of her baby...
"She was feeling really down and vulnerable and needed to feel loved, so when Paul showed an interest in her she responded and acted out of character."

Now she doesn't know what to do.
"She does go to tell Paul in the hope he'll want to play happy families with her, but she finds out he already has a girlfriend. She realises she was just a one-night stand for him."

It also doesn't help that she has a big fall-out with Stacey who won't forgive her for betraying Sean to the Mitchells when he stole baby Amy.
"Stacey actually chucks Danielle out so she's homeless and pregnant."

Danielle ends up staying at Ronnie's and is thrilled Ronnie is being nice to her. It makes her feel closer to her, doesn't it?
"She idolises her mother and ends up confiding in her that she's pregnant."

Danielle really respects what Ronnie has to say and is also constantly seeking her approval about things... And this situation is no different, is it?
"That's why it hurts so much when Ronnie tells her quite clearly that she regrets going through with her own pregnancy at such a young age. She says it was the biggest mistake of her life."

Danielle wasn't expecting her to say that, was she?
"She'd been waiting and hoping for the right time to tell Ronnie she's her daughter. Now suddenly Ronnie is not the person Danielle hoped she would be."

Danielle is distraught, isn't she? Every hope she had built up in her mind about her real mum is shattered.
"Ronnie's comments tip her over the edge. She's been trying to decide whether to keep her baby. Now an abortion seems her only choice."

To make things worse, Danielle then feels Ronnie doesn't want to get involved in her problems when Ronnie rings up her dad then cancels her appointment to go with her to the abortion clinic.
"Danielle is more alone than ever and there's a very real chance she might now never tell Ronnie who she really is..."

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Ladyteekha said…
its so annoying! the story line between danielle and ronnie is getting soooooo boring! theyve dragged it out for way to long! i just carnt be bothered to watch it anymore and i used to watch every episode! everyone i know has stopped watching it lol, everytime she goes to tell her she does that lost puppy look then somthing else happens, for gods sake just tell her!!!!! people have started facebook groups because is getting so boring! we need to move on from that storyline and start another! come on bbc get a grip your ruining eastenders!
mastercommander said…
I totally agree. I have also given up on watching it and im in the facebook group,the whole story line is going on and on, first of all i was glued to the screen now like you i just feel like "come on tell her" your getting irritating! i love danielle as a character shes great and my favorite by far, but the story has got old fast, give her a new story i reckon, but don't drag it on so much, it goes from being "awsome" to "old" and "repetative" fast.

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