EastEnd Stacey's 2am club catfight

Eastenders wild child star Lacey Turner was booted out of a nightclub after a 2am catfight.

The actress — the soap’s gobby Stacey Slater — had been downing vodka cocktails when she confronted partying girls who mistakenly sat at her empty VIP table.

Friends of 20-year-old Lacey joined in and one of the girls, Emma Roc, was scratched across the face in a melee.

It happened at trendy club 24 in London’s Soho where Emma and six girl pals were celebrating a birthday.

Emma, 23, said: “Lacey came over and started shouting at us to move.
“I recognised her from EastEnders and remember thinking she was just like her mouthy character.

“When we got up to go, a male friend of hers started calling us abusive names.

“Lacey jumped in and put her finger in front of my face, swearing threats.

“I tried to explain we didn’t know it was a private area, but a girl joined in and her nail scraped round my face, leaving a mark across my cheek.

“They were behaving like drunken thugs.”

Lacey and her friends were then asked to leave the club.

Emma and her friends said they waited until finally leaving the venue at 3am.

An EastEnders spokesman said last night: “Lacey was at 24 on Saturday, however she was not aware of, nor involved in, any incident — nor was she thrown out the club.”

Source - The Sun


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