Jack goes after Janine

Cocky club boss Jack Branning grabs Billy Mitchell by the neck after spending the night handcuffed to a radiator by Janine Butcher.

As we revealed last week the scheming minx gets one over on the hunk by threatening to burn him alive at his R&R night spot. His hell finally comes to an end when he’s released by new employee Billy the following day.

Jack is in no mood to be messed around. He grabs him and demands to know where evil Janine is.

The pair then head back to Billy’s flat where Jack starts hunting for the video footage which Janine is blackmailing him with. He finds the laptop but can’t locate the file so starts trashing the living room in a fit of rage.

Viewers will see Janine taunting Jack further by calling his mobile and smugly telling him the evidence is not in the flat.

An insider on the show said: “The rivalry between Jack and Janine really intensifies. “Janine manages to record him admitting that he’d be prepared to bump people off if necessary to get what he wants. “And she takes great pleasure in revealing all about the footage after handcuffing him to the radiator at R&R. “So you can imagine how mad he is by the time he gets free.

“Billy has started working for him, which was a good job really as Jack would’ve been there even longer if he hadn’t found him. “Janine may have got one up on him at the moment but there is no way he’s going to let her get away with any of it…and you can bet she won’t see it coming.”

Source - Daily Star


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