Janine Declares War On Ronnie

Walford superbitch Janine Butcher picks her new victims and declares all-out war on Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning.

The catty killer is determined to make a name for herself after deciding to stay on the Square.

And she sees taking over the local nightclub, R&R, as her big chance.
So to make sure she can get her hands on the company, Janine plots to drive a wedge between the business partners.

First she reels in Jack with the flutter of her eyelashes and the promise to work hard.

Ronnie can see what game she is playing and fiercely tries to block her chances of getting a job at the club.

But Jack gives in and offers her the role of bar manager. Janine then successfully sees off Ronnie’s attempt to sabotage her trial week on the job, earning her respect from Walford’s ice maiden.

Ronnie tells her they are actually more similar than she realised and befriends her. So Janine has the pair of them right where she wants them and she sets about driving a wedge between the former lovers. She encourages Jack to buy out Ronnie and confesses how she is willing to help him force her to sell. And she says exactly the same to Ronnie about Jack.

A show insider said: “She really thinks she is smarter than both of them. Janine will try to play them off against each other but it’s pretty clear she has bitten off more than she can chew with these two.

“They have seen off worse enemies than her and when they figure out what she has been up to there will be hell to pay.”

Source - Daily Star


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