Janine Plan Gets a Licking

Albert Square superbitch Janine Butcher gets more than she bargained for when she takes on Darren Miller.

The mouthy resident is covered in paint after doing the dirty on Walford’s answer to Richard Branson.

Darren has had his eye on the car lot ever since he helped its owner Jack Branning get one over his rival Phil Mitchell.

Jack told Darren that as soon as he turned 18 he would sign the business over to him.

But the lad is heartbroken when Jack goes back on his word and sells it to Janine instead.

When Janine starts gloating about her success with a bottle of bubbly Darren and his girlfriend Libby cover her in paint.

Charlie reckons his character thinks he’s ready for world domination.

He laughed: “Darren wants to be the next Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or Ian Beale!”

Source - Daily Star


Anonymous said…
I find the Janine storylines a bit annoying. The character is a characture in the way that the rest of the cast are not. This, plus the unbelievable storylines, pulls back the reality of the soap.

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