Jay Runs Away

Jay tries to take his friendship with Marissa to another level he plans to run away with Marissa. Billy's not happy when he finds Jay packing his bags but Jay's determined - he's leaving.

Before he goes, Jay lies that he's going to stay with his granddad Bert, while Billy pleads for him to stay. Not caring, Jay walks out and gives Billy a mouthful of abuse as he goes. When Jay meets with Marissa, however, he's confused by her behaviour.

All's not what it seems with the young female as she brushes Jay off and makes a call and says into the mic: "I did what you said. Now leave him alone." On Jay's return to the flat, he can't believe his ears when he hears Billy agree with Phil that his departure is probably a blessing in disguise. Feeling dejected, he walks off into the night..

Source - Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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