Pictures - Jean's Breakdown & Danielle's homeless

As her birthday dawns, Jean's in no mood for celebrating, but Stacey endeavours to keep the mood upbeat and decides to bake her a cake. As she blows out the candle, Jean wishes that she'd never been born and never had kids, prompting an upset Stacey to run out of the room.

Later, when Jean hears her family talking to her care supervisor, she disappears, sending Stacey, Charlie and Mo into a state of panic. As you can see from my exclusive pictures below, they find her asleep in the middle of the road with her dressing gown covering her. Urging her to return home, it soon dawns on Stacey that her mother needs more help than she can give. On returning to the house, though, not all goes quite to plan...

These scenes air on Friday 16 January 2009

Elsewhere in Walford, Danielle's forced to sleep rough after Stacey throws her out of the Slaters' for leaving Jean alone. It's Ronnie who takes pity on her as she takes her in for a brief spell, before learning Danielle's shocking secret - that's she's pregnant.
The dialogue does lead to some shout-at-your-television moments to the tune of 'Why don't you just tell her that you're her daughter!' However, from what I've heard, the build up is definitely worth the wait.

These scenes air on Thursday 15 January 2009
Source - Digital Spy (Soap Scoop)


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