Lock Me Up

UNABLE to contain her guilt any longer, Lauren admits to the police that she tried to kill Max.

Max does his best to stop her doing anything rash, but she’s determined to own up to the crime.

“Max doesn’t want her to confess,” says Jake Wood, who plays him. “But she’s desperate to get her mum out of prison.”

First, Tanya breaks down as Max visits her in jail. She admits she has been covering for their daughter.

“Tanya pleads with Max to let her go ahead with the guilty plea and not say anything,” adds Jake. “So he has to choose between her and his daughter – an impossible situation.”

Later, before Max is able to stop her, Lauren races to the police station – and confesses all.
The cops accept she is telling the truth but release the 14-year-old on bail while they carry out further enquiries.

Lauren is beside herself as she returns to the Square. Overcome with guilt – and with sister Abi still furious at her – Lauren contacts her social worker and asks to be taken into foster care!

“Max is forced to come to terms with the devastating effect his actions have had,” adds Jake.

“Not just on Tanya, but also on his children.”

Source - The Sun


Bradley said…
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