Nick Plots To Murder Dot

NASTY Nick Cotton is plotting to bump off his poor mum Dot.

The jailbird will be back to his dastardly best when he reveals his sick plan.

And Nick ropes in his daughter Dotty to help him.Viewers recoiled in horror last week when the ex-heroin addict tried to sell his daughter to Dot.

He knows she has come into money and is determined to get his hands on it.This week he forces his mum to cough up some cash before disappearing from the Square, leaving Dotty behind. But there is a sting in the tail as Dotty is in on her dad’s wicked scheme to get all the money.

With Nick gone, Dotty works her magic on Dot until she has got her believing everything she says. But viewers will realise it is a con when she sneaks off to meet her dad. He gives her a mobile so they can keep in touch as their murderous plot takes shape.

A show insider said: “Nick is bad to the bone but this is his worst scam yet.“

He hasn’t even thought twice about killing his own mother. It makes you wonder whether he’ll keep Dotty on board if he does get his hands on the cash.”

Source - Daily Star


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