Richie 'may make 'Enders comeback'

Shane Richie hasn't ruled out a return to EastEnders

The actor revealed that if the circumstances were right, he would consider reprising his role as Alfie Moon.

Shane says: "I loved it, I had a great time in the three years I was there to the point that I didn't really want to go, but things change. They've left it open, and maybe one day a producer may come along and say 'I tell you what, we've got a great storyline'. If I'm available and if the story's worth doing, I'd come back."

What's more, it appears working alongside Lex Shrapnel on the new series of Minder has brought back memories of acting opposite Jessie Wallace, who played his on-screen wife, Kat.

Shane explains: "What worked in the original Minder was the relationship between the two lead characters and I like to think myself and Lex have got that same relationship.

"Once you get that right it's like Kat and Alfie, Del Boy and Rodney, Thelma and Louise... If you get the relationship right you can take people anywhere on a journey because they'll buy into it."
Source - MSN


Lisa said…
..its a bit like harmonising really - I can relate to this article.

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